Activities at a Glance


Vocal & Instrumental music, Dance, Drawing and sculpture.
Since inception in 1974


Mega socio cultural art fest during Onam Since 1978


Drawing and painting completion, exhibition Since 1982


Music Festivals and concerts during Navarathri Since 1988


For research development training preservation and propagation of fork arts Since 1994


Aims children up to 15 years. Childrens theatre, Theatre festivals, Study tour etc Started in 1999

Film Society

Film shows, discussions and Seminar Since 2001

Women's Forum

Dedicated for the empowerment of ladies Since 2012

Drama Fest

Presentation of selected dramas of leading drama troupes of Kerala and other states Since 2013

Kali Attam

Chilldren’s theatre fest Since 2013

Youth Club

For the age group of 15 to 30 Since in 2016

Proffessional Drama

Production and presentation of drama participating eminent professional artists of Kerala

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